learning stillness from the trees

Colour, 07.34 min .  

A poetic film about many things - about a sense of life cycles and eternity, about our understanding of duration and what we transmit from generation to generation, about the stories we use to do that, about how we use our natural resources and our chances of survival. Taking the metaphor of the tree of life, and alluding to the story of Noah’s Ark, an ancient voice records the cycles of existence it has witnessed and what we risk in mistreating the planet....


31 Chords

Colour, 04.50 min.  

31 Chords is a work concerned with relationship and interaction, time and attachment. The visuals consist of 9 animated coloured squares that change and exchange positions and interactions. The soundtrack is a series of 31 piano chords played in sync with the movement of the squares.
31 is a prime number. It is a centered triangular number, a centered pentagonal number and centered decagonal number. 31 is the number of musical triads (12 major, 12 minor, 4 diminished, and 3 augmented). For some the meaning of 31 relates it to success but the price for that success is extreme loneliness. It is also associated with absolute freedom.

It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing

Multiple monitor or projection configurations. black & white, continuous loop.  

Time is a necessary concept to learn a skill or to write a letter, for example – that is time as distance. We live by time.  We devote so much of our lives to trying to hold onto, or wishing we could have avoided, the past and expecting good or anticipating unpleasantness of the future that we avoid the present. In fact we are usually absent from the present – even though we actually are in the present.

Each screen has words in white on a black background and each word swings, as if on an invisible metronome, passing an invisible window so that the words appear and disappear throughout. As each word becomes visible, at the zenith of its movement, an individual musical note is heard. In all configurations the room should be as dark as possible so that the light emanates from the images. Playback is ‘continuous’, with words appearing as constantly changing light within the space.